Kenton Elementary School

Volleyball in PE

5th-grade students have been working the past two weeks on spiking and serving! These can be some challenging skills to learn at first but they have done a great job so far. This is our last week of volleyball and… Read the rest

Apple Tower Challenge

Students were challenged to build the tallest tower they could using school supplies in Ms. Boone's STEM class. They worked with their group to choose 5 items from the list to make their tower taller than the others.  To be… Read the rest

Ancient Egypt

In Miss Erwin’s 6th grade art classes, we are learning about Ancient Egypt and making sarcophagus. These students are in 6 Stauffer, trumpet and tuba band students

Everyone can be a maker

Mrs Dilley’s 3rd grader STEM students listened to the story, Be A Maker, then learned about the Engineering Design Process. In groups, they got a tub of brain flakes and asked what they could make with their materials? After brainstorming… Read the rest

Field Trip

We had a great time on our field trip today. We learned about bees, how apple cider is made and the life cycle of a pumpkin. Your child will be bringing home a pumpkin in their book bag today. We
Read the rest

Bird Beak Science

Today we explored how different bird beans are adapted for their different diets. We went to seven different stations that modeled how a certain type of bird uses its beak to eat. It was a fun day to explore!

STEM Chains

Students worked on learning to collaborate with their group in STEM class with Ms. Boone this week.  They were given one piece of construction paper, tape and scissors to create the longest chain.  We compared the most successful one from… Read the rest