Transition Services for Students with Disabilities

Transition services for students with disabilities begin when the individual turns 14 years of age. A student’s IEP team  is responsible to consider postsecondary goals for the child and provide services and interventions to assist them in attaining those goals. For more information, see the link from ODE.

Secondary Transition and Workforce Development for Students with Disabilities

If you would like more information about the transitional services offered or available, please contact the Student Services Office at 419-673-0775.

Additional Agencies

Additional agencies are available to work with your child’s educational team to determine employment readiness.

Hardin County Board of Developmental Disabilities

County agency providing support to children transitioning into adults who have intellectual delays or developmental disabilities.

705 N Ida St., Kenton, OH  43326

Phone:  419-674-4158
Fax:  419-675-3274

Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation

BSVI provides direct, personalized services to help individuals with disabilities obtain or retain employment. The BSVI counselor works with you one-on-one to plan an individualized program leading to gainful employment.


  • Work Assessment
  • Mobility Training
  • Medical Restoration
  • Vocational Development
  • Braille Instruction
  • Career Planning
  • Job Placement
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Employer Assistance
  • Follow-up Support

924 N Cable Rd., Lima, OH  45805

419-747-3000 or
Fax:  419-747-3008

BSVI Website