Safety Reminder

When a bus is stopped (four red lights are flashing-two in the front and two in the rear) on a street or road which has fewer than four lanes, all traffic approaching the bus form either direction must stop at least ten feet from the front or the rear of the bus and remain stopped until the bus begins to move or the bus driver signals motorists to proceed.

If a bus is stopped on a street or road which has four or more lanes, only traffic proceeding in the same direction as the bus must stop.

Transportation Staff

Transportation Policy

Students that live within 1.5 miles from their school of attendance in grades 7-12 and within .5 miles for grades PS-6 are not eligible for transportation.

Starting 2015-2016 school year, only one pick up and one drop off location will be permitted. The bus garage must be notified at least 3 days in advance of any permanent changes. This policy is for the safety of our students.

Bus Students’ Rules of Conduct

The following guidelines are intended to help assure safety and good conduct for bus passengers. The PRIVILEGE of riding a bus depends upon following these basic rules of good courtesy and good behavior.

  1. Respect the driver and follow instructions
  2. Remain seated, keep head and arms inside bus and hands to yourself
  3. Keep door and aisle clear of obstacles
  4. No pets, glass, or large items allowed on the bus
  5. Do not throw anything, at anytime, on or out of the bus
  6. Be absolutely quiet when at railroad crossings or any other places of danger
  7. Do not eat or drink on the bus
  8. Keep conversations quiet
  9. Keep the bus clean
  10. Use no profane or obscene language or gestures
  11. Aerosol cans or flammable liquids (hair spray, cologne, etc.) are not permitted
  12. Cross the road 10 feet in front of the bus, only after the driver has signaled
  13. Students must leave or board the bus at locations to which they have been assigned unless they have written parental and administrative authorization to do otherwise
  14. All school rules apply on the bus
  15. Remain in designated area of safety until after the driver drives away.

These rules are supported by Ohio Law 3301.83.08