Kenton Middle School

7th Grade Students perform stories

Mrs. Hull’s 7th graders performed the opening scene of Romeo & Juliet to understand the fued between the Capulet & Montague families. Students compared and contrasted this quarrel with that of the greasers and socs, two social gangs in thei...

KMS Power of the Pen presents to school board

Quintin England, Trevor Roesner, Tasha Heydinger, Kaylee Thomas, Katie Lowe, Mandalee Dyer, Gabe Davidson, Gaia Smith, Advisor Tina Hull. Back (L to R) Brandon Ledley, Doug Carmean, Rodney Hensel, Justin Dick Students from Kenton Middle School showe...

KMS Leadership Club Field Trip

Kenton Middle School’s cooking and baking leadership club took a field trip to The Plaza Inn Casual Family Restaurant this morning where they learned about restaurant style cooking and preparation. They made pizzas, picked beets, and applesauce!